About us

HeroinKids is a bold, avant-garde fashion project created by visionary Berliners Christian Kaiser and Corinna Engel. The brand introduces a subversive aesthetic that skillfully blends HeroinChicClubwear, and Pornchic into an unparalleled style. The outfits exude unmistakable courage and style consciousness, attracting young fashion professionals seeking distinctive and avant-garde clothing.

Beyond the fashion realm, Kaiser and Engel also curate cultural experiences under the HeroinKids brand, which fuse explosive elements of art, fashion, and music. These events have taken place in renowned clubs such as Berghain Kantine and KitKatClub in Berlin, as well as in MunichHanoverHamburg, and Prague. They cultivate an eclectic aura at the intersection of freedom and art. Large-scale art installations, visual projections, and fashion shows provide a captivating visual experience, while the pulsating techno beats and extravagant parties create an exhilarating auditory journey.

The HeroinKids brand is closely intertwined with Kaiserengel, another daring fashion concept also created by Kaiser and Engel. Both labels represent unconventional and daring design, embodying a rebellious aesthetic that appeals to a younger, cooler, and edgier audience.

Corinna Elena Engel and Christian Kaiser are freelance artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and fashion designers. They split their time between BerlinMunich, and Corsica. The duo gained public recognition through their HEROINKIDS project, collaborating successfully with director Andrew Ruszala (known for work with AUDIMERCEDESDeutsche BankMedia Markt, and Focus), models like Ania Chiz (Elite Paris, Chanel), and influencers such as Yana Kryukova and Maximilian Seitz.